LP10 - Low Profile Series

TimbreMill Presents


Low Profile Series

The TimbreMill LP10 Low Profile Speaker is a powered high-quality 3-way MTM loudspeaker.  While the LP10 physically is only 12x32x22.5 (HxWxD) inches, its sound quality, bandwidth, and output SPL are truly breathtaking.  This speaker has almost limitless uses: concert PA systems, parade floats, dance clubs, houses of worship, recording studios, mastering labs, high-end home theater systems, theme parks...  This is simply one amazing and versatile loudspeaker you must hear to believe.

TimbreMill is currently offering three versions of the LP10:


2,500 Watt AC powered weatherized loudspeaker


Offers the same quality and virtually identical performance as the LP10-P but is powered by a special 48 volt DC version of the same amplifier


Is the studio version of the LP10-P.  It is designed for ultra-low noise floor operation for very quiet critical listening environments 


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