Folded Horn Subwoofer Series

TimbreMill Presents FHS-01

Folded Horn Subwoofer Series

The TimbreMill FHS-01 Folded Horn Subwoofer is a high definition, long throw, powerful, and extremely efficient subwoofer that can easily be used in many configurations with the LP10 Series loudspeakers.  We have spent a great deal of time developing crossover presets that allow the FHS-01 to be used “off the shelf” in different configurations with the LP10 loudspeakers including MTM, stacking, shaded array, and cardioid.

TimbreMill is currently offering three versions of the FHS-01:


2400 Watt AC powered weatherized subwoofer


Offers the same quality and virtually identical performance as the FHS-01P but is powered by a special 48 volt DC version of the same amplifier


Is the non-powered version of the FHS-01.  The FHS-01NP can be easily integrated with any existing audio system using an external crossover and amplifier.


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